I am lazy...

I think summer has it's hooks in me. I spend more time thinking about writing than actually doing it. I've been thinking about audio blogging, since I seem most inspired during the long afternoon drive home from work. Maybe I should invest in some speech recognition software and one of those little cassette recorders or a geeky digital voice recorder and just download my thoughts into the blog, since, my short term memory being what it is, I usually don't remember all the wonderful and profound things I say to myself in the car. The other people on the road must think I'm nuts... I catch myself talking out loud more often than not. Oh, well.
Some things I do want to say, though:
1. Actor Ron Silver is a new hero of mine. I caught him on Fox New's The O'Reilly Factor the other night and he was quite frank about the scandalous behavior of some fellow thespians at a Kerry fund raiser in New York a week or so ago. Although he's a Democrat, he said that Kerry needed to distance himself from those who are using the campaign not to bolster Kerry, but to trash President Bush. He was quite unabashed at putting down certain individuals and their disrespectful comments about the President. I guess he's going to have to suffer the consequences of putting his morality before any chance of ever getting an Oscar, because his statements dashed any hope of that, the Hollywood crowd being what it is... but he's ok in my book.
2. Michael Moore was one of the people that he said Kerry and the Democratic party should distance themselves from, which, to any intellegent person, is the obvious. Moore is a self serving, lying windbag who fits right in with the rest of the bellowing assholes that make up the majority of the film industry. In my opinion, he should be arrested for treason.
3. and that brings me to Whoopie Goldberg, to whom I will say just this; anyone who has the sheer audacity to walk on stage at a political event, swigging on a bottle of wine and making crude, foul jokes and comments about the President of the United States, whom ever that might be, is an embarrassment to those who live in the public eye. She is, in my humble opinion, nothing than a profane, idiotic cunt. Maybe Bill Cosby should sit her fat black ass down and explain to her that, if it wasn't for men (and women) of resolve and courage, who were and are willing to put their personal and political life on the line to do what is right and necessary for the betterment of our country, that she and her loud mouthed ilk would still be picking cotton... probably on a plantation owned by the Kennedy's. You too, Mr. Kweisi Mfume. Maybe the both of you would like to go over to the Sudan for a while and hang out with your beloved breathern living in plastic bag tents in the desert, hiding from the UN sanctioned ethnic cleansing going on.
(this is not a racial statement, just the truth... I am not a racist. there's a bunch of good ol' white boys who's pimpley white asses need to be shipped out of here, too.)
4. ahh, the UN. Kofi Annan and the rest of the spineless idiots that make up that grand old institution of the hopelessly castrated should be packed up and shipped to downtown Baghdad and made to set up shop there. Instead of living it up in NYC, maybe dodging bullets and carbombs might make them get off their asses and actually get something done. I'm pretty sure that the UN building would make a nice hospice for those suffering from AIDS and there's probably room to have a school to teach the American illiterate how to read and learn a trade so they can get jobs and get off welfare. Just a thought.

Wow. That felt good. Real good. I think I need a beer and a cigarette. HA!

pearls before swine...


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