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you've been waiting all day for this... yes, it's another mind bending, breath taking episode of This Old Lair...
So, after much hemming and hawing, we picked out the paint for the kitchen. A light medium green and a slightly darker medium green. Yes, two greens. None of that boring monotone paint for us. This decision was driven by the shape of the kitchen and the amount of natural light that makes it's way in. The breakfast nook/plant room has a very sloped ceiling that is about eleven feet on the inside wall, going down to about seven feet on the outside wall. It gets a lot of light on that huge inside wall, so we decided to paint that wall, which is oriented facing west, the lighter green, as well as all the other west or east facing walls in the entire kitchen. The darker shade is on the north and south facing walls, which are the only walls that have cabinets. The darker green really sets off the white cabinets and the light green accents the rest of the room and is almost a dead match for the green depression glass knobs and drawer pull on the cabinets. I painted the light green walls last weekend and they came out real nice. I spent most of the day Saturday running around and driving my daughter back home to Philly, so by the time I was ready to start painting the rest of the walls it was around seven thirty or so at night. I was trying to work up the motivation do start and decided that a pot of coffee was in order. Strong coffee. Really strong coffee. So, I set it to brewing whilst I got everything together to paint. I set up the CD boombox in the kitchen, put on new roller covers on the various size rollers and stirred up the paint. I started drinking coffee and painting. These were the bitch walls, meaning they are mostly cutting in around all the cabinets and outlets and brush painting all the little slivers of wall that peek out here and there between mouldings and cabinets and such. I also had to pull the countertop off the cabinets on one wall and pull the base cabinets out, roll on the first coat, then put everything back so I could do the same with the range, refrigerator and base cabinet that separates them. I'm getting really good at moving appliances... Anyway, I finished up the first coat around one AM, cleaned up and spent the next few hours listening to music and trying to feel tired. No luck. I was up most of the night and finally crashed about four, only to wake up at six. I ran out and picked up the Sunday paper, some bagels and a huge cup of coffee and came home and started all over again with the second coat. I'm amazed how good it came out, considering how jazzed on caffiene I was. Of course, using liberal amounts of that wonderful invention, blue painters tape, helped keep the corners nice and sharp and kept the paint off the cabinets. I have to say, I was a bit skeptical about the color combination, but it's really starting to look like a kitchen out of the thirties. The rest of this week is a wash as well as the weekend, as I need to get some other things done before I spend the weekend working at the Monster Mania Convention. Next week, I'll start laying out the guidelines for the tin ceiling in the kitchen, so I can start putting that up... stand by for stories about that, I'm sure.
Well, I'm beat. I mowed about two-thirds of the grounds proper when I got home tonight, I have to finish it tomorrow night so I don't have to worry about it while I'm at the convention. So, it's off to have one more Guinness for a night tonic and then off to the Land of Nod.
I bid thee have a wonderful eve'.
pearls before swine...


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