I'm alive...

barely, after spending the weekend working at Monster Mania Con 2... it was, shall I say, interesting..? I'll give you the gory details later in the week after I get my head screwed on right.

Well, the great, unwashed mass of imbeciles have decended on New York City to do the best they can not to distrupt the Republican National Convention, but to once again make it so very obvious just what kind of folk support the Democratic Party (by the gods, I hate using that name... they are anything but...).

I can't imagine that the economy is doing so bad if all these people have jobs that will afford them the luxury of time off and enough money to travel to NYC to try to distrupt the convention. Either that or they're the typical lot of low life, Birkenstock and tye-dye wearing wailing babies who manage to support themselves sucking off the Government tit, so their time is their own to waste as they like. No matter... an asshole is an asshole, no matter what kind of pants are covering it up.

And, before I go back to work... many thanks to Acidman for making me laugh with this...!

see you this evening.

pearls before swine...


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