I'm done...

There's 86 days left until the Presidential election. I'm tired of listening to the attacks on the President. I'm tired of the media attacking Kerry. I'm tired of the rhetoric and the lies and the bullshit. The only thing that counts is what lever you flip on that day in November. I know what I'm going to do. I hope you do, too. Vote with your brain, not with your heart. It's too important a decision to be swayed by popular opinion. If you let someone make up your mind for you, then don't bother to vote, it's a wasted opportunity. And, if you're too lazy to vote, well, you're an asshole and the bigger part of what's ailing our country.
There's some great links in the sidebar you can visit to help you decide. If you'll notice, both major parties are equally represented.
I'm taking a few days off. I need to go sit inside the circle and rekindle my relationship with the Goddess and the Great Horned One and re-align my soul.
be well.
pearls before swine...


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