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me thinks Erin has blogger angst... like I said, blogging happens to be my current form of communication with the world at large. It's convenient. It's cheap. I can spill my guts if I need to, I can rant and rave on this binary soap box without having to face any actual debate, I can tell what little secrets I can afford to tell and generally spew worthless bilge and blather and get away with it. And, the greatest thing that's come out of all this is that I've gathered a bunch of blogging friends; people whom I will probably never get to meet face to face, which is too bad, but that's how it goes. Over the years I've been reading blogs and the few years that I've been writing one, I've never ceased to be amazed at the intellegence and humor and variety of opinion that are offered up every day, sometimes several times a day, all for the taking. I read about twelve or thirteen blogs every day, including Sweet and Sour Goth. As a matter of fact, it's the third one I read every morning. And I check up on goings on at night. I would miss it if it ended, but that's a decision that Erin has to make for herself.
And, as far as the content goes, I've enjoyed everything I've read, whether it's about hanging with her friends at school, going four-wheeling with her mom or thrashing about whether or not to continue. (Remember, Erin, it's summer... if you're like me, the best comes out during the long, dark winter nights...).
So, that's that...
Oh, maybe sometime I will write about the grief and bullshit of being a middle aged goth... like how much fun it is to go food shopping early Sunday morning after being out all Saturday night, all done up with black bondage pants, knee high bondage boots, a black tee shirt that says "I'm not staring at you, I'm studying my prey...", three (yep, count 'em) three ponytails, nailpolish, earrings, bracelets and rings, being trailed about the store by one of the managers, in spite of shopping there for almost twenty years...
Being asked by a total stranger, "What are you supposed to be?". (I always give my stock reply: "I'm supposed to be home cleaning up the blood, but I ran out of paper towels... what are you supposed to be?").
Or having people just stop in their tracks and stare at me walking by when I go downtown.
Having not only the manager of a hotel, but a security guard immediatly descend on me when I walked in the door to go to a meeting of the Monster Mania Convention staff.
But you know what, it's all just part of the way. If it really bugged me, I'd get a haircut, wear polo shirts and tan Dockers with deck shoes. (no, on second thought I'd just stick my head in the oven if it came to that...).
Anyway, there's more to blog about than that. Whether anything I write is worth reading, only you can tell me that.
Hang in there, Erin. We'll all stand by what ever you decide.

pearls before swine...


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