new music! The Bloodhound turned me on to a new little music shop in the town he haunts, so I went to check it out and dropped a roll of the elusive spendiferi on a bunch on CDs:
Rocket from the Crypt - "Hot Charity"
Television - "Television"
Chavez - "Gone Glimmering"
The Melvins - "Hostile Ambient Takeover"
French Kicks - "One Time Bells"
Songs:Ohia - "Axxess and Ace"
Songs:Ohia - "mi sei apparso come un fantasma"
Should be enough to get me through the weekend... maybe.
I really love the fact that at some point in my life I realized, after taking up, learning and getting bored with too many instruments, that I am a perfect Audient...
hey, someone has to listen to the music, don't they?

pearls before swine...


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