I've found...

a way to save on black nail polish... it's called putting up a tin ceiling. The nail on my left thumb is starting to turn a lovely shade of purple and will probably turn black soon.
The ceiling is about 90% complete. All the field panels, the filler panels and all but one piece of flat moulding are up, the only thing left to do after that is put the cornice up, which should go quickly. I tried working on it a little while ago, but I'm dog tired from mowing the lawn. It hasn't been mowed in two weeks and it was a foot high and didn't completely dry of dew when I started, so I had to set the mower high and mow it once, then readjust the mower and cut it lower. It also took an hour to do all the trimming and cleaning up. I started at ten in the morning and got done about four this afternoon. Six hours is way to long to be chasing a lawn mower all over the place. It sure looks nice when it's done, though.
I'm looking forward to the Equinox celebration this year, I have a good feeling about the turn of the season for some reason. Maybe it's because things are starting to settle down a bit at the Manor after what turned out to be a hectic summer. I can't wait for the turning of the leaves, the crisp mornings and the eventual Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving gatherings. Also my birthday in October when I officially break the half century mark. It's all down hill from here, folks.
Things are starting to look up on the Roller Derby side, we're planning on having a recruiting party at a cool little bar in Philly in December. I hope it starts to take off soon. Also in October, I'm going to see a concert by Jason Molina and Songs:Ohia, I'm really looking forward to that. He's become one of my favorite singer/song writers over the past few years. Very dark and intelligent stuff that grabs me really hard.
I think I'm rambling here, what? I'm going to go grab some dinner and chill for a while. Maybe be back later.
see ya.

pearls before swine...


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