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After a few false starts this weekend, I started to tackle the tin ceiling in the kitchen. I ringed the room around the ceiling with some one quarter inch by three inch pine boards, painted gloss white to match the tin. I then screwed up the courage to lay out and cut the hole in the center panel for the ceiling light electrical box and put up that panel first. I managed to all the full size panels up and half of the bias cut panels before breaking my last 7/64" drill bit, so after that everything came to a grinding halt. It does look pretty nice, though and will be the highlight of the remodeling project. I'll probably pick away at it during the week and get it wrapped up before the weekend so I can attack the grounds, which have been suffering neglect of late. The wet weather has caused the grass to grow like it's springtime and it's going to be a bitch to get back into shape. I have lots of cleaning up to do on the various gardens and beds to get them ready for autumn and winter. It's always a sad time for me, deadheading and thinning and pulling up the dry, dead frames of the annuals.
As far as Labor Day Weekend went, we hung out with our good friends Larry and Lisa on Saturday night, feasting on turkey grilled over an open fire, with wild rice and my wife's super take on Waldorf Salad. Drank lots of beers, smoked some fine cigars and sat out side until midnight, drinking coffee with generous shots of Sambuca.
Spent Sunday with family, eating too many hamburgers and drinking too much soda and coffee. Always a good time.
So tomorrow it's back to work. I'm going to cut this short because I'm chatting on line with the lovely Erin of Sweet and Sour Goth, so have a good night.
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