i'm tired...

it's been a hell of a week. stress at work. helped the Bloodhound and Mickie move their stuff into a new apartment wednesday night. got caught up in traffic last night and my usual ride of just over an hour turned into an almost three hour event, highlighted by starting out in beautiful weather than driving through a monsoon. plus i've started walking about two miles every day at lunchtime, so there are certain muscles in my legs and nether regions that are revolting against being exercised.
i did manage a quick trip to the new little music store the Bloodhound turned me on to and got three new cd's: a used copy of a dj's promo cd of new stuff by The Tragically Hip; a double cd of mostly live and unreleased stuff by Pavement and a used copy of a compilation of singles by the godmother of goth, Siouxsie and the Banshees. all very cool. as a matter of fact, i'm listening to The Tragically Hip as i'm writing this. i have to say that this particular collection has a slight taste of The Smiths to it. nice stuff.
the cold weather is coming, so it's time to turn to music and movies again to get me through. i've been stocking up on cd's, dvd's of old b/w horror and mystery movies and lots of great books to curl up with before the fire and wile away the long winter nights. i'm planning on going to a lot of concerts this winter, as well. i'm going next friday night to philadelphia to see Jason Molina and the Magnolia Electric Company/songs:Ohia with my daughter, Gillian. i'm really looking forward to hanging out with her and hearing some good music.
other than that, life is pretty much what it is every day... except that the days and nights seem to have picked up a certain edge lately. i'm not quite sure what or why that is, but they have. maybe i'll think on this a bit and come back later to expand and expound for your amusement and amazement. or bore the shit out of you.
pearls before swine...


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