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It's Wednesday. Hump day. When I was younger, that may have meant something else, but I don't remember.
I'm almost done with the infamous pump room door. One more coat of finish paint tomorrow night and I should be able to rehang it on Friday. Yea! One more thing to cross off the list.
We went flooring shopping Saturday morning before we went to dinner with The Bloodhound and Mickie and had picked out two patterns we really liked. Then I found a place to order flooring on line and they have about a million different styles to choose from, so now we are back to where we started. Mrs. Sad Old Goth has her heart set on flooring that looks like slate. I want long, thin strips of bleached maple, like they have in restaurant kitchens. The debate continues...
Of course, the final choice will effect the color and style of counter tops. This is going to be one hell of a kitchen when it's done. I was hoping to have it complete, with the exception of the new appliances by Thanksgiving, but that rapidly dissolving. But it will be done for the Solstice/Christmas/New Year holidays, if it kills me, which it might.
My birthday is Tuesday. I will officially break the half century mark. It feels strange. Stranger yet when I take a good look at myself, both inside and outside.
It definitly concentrates the mind...
I've been drinking cheap Polish vodka this evening. It has the desired effect. It tastes like potatoes marinated in grain alcohol. I tried mixing it with some Sprite, but that didn't work. It's ok with lots of ice. Most things are...
I wish I had something witty and profound to say about the passing of Christopher Reeve, but I don't. He was a pretty good Superman. He was a pretty good actor in everything I've seen him in. I think mD said it best... "Superman can never die..."
If this gets any more disjointed, it's because the debate is on. Interesting note:
both candidates are wearing dark suits, white shirts, red ties with a dotted pattern and American flag lapel pins.
Kerry thinks he can make the country a more secure place by forming bonds with other countries like FDR did... John, dude - that world is gone. It's every country for itself.
Sorry. No more politics. I just have to say, Bush rocks. (oh, shit, here it comes...)
Have you ever noticed how much Kerry looks like Lurch from the Addams Family?
I have to go make something to eat.

pearls before swine...


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