Equal Opportunity (White) Trashing...

hey, I poked fun at Dubya yesterday, so today I can take a shot a the Dem's, ok?
I mean, how can I help it? Look at this...

The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library opened yesterday. Is it my imagination, or does dumb fuck's library building look like your typical hillbilly trailer..?
I guess you can take the asshole out of the hills, but...
I can see it now -
"Hey folks, welcome to my Lie-bury! Y'all come on in now, ya hear! Oh, don't y'all mind my old guard dog Jeb..."

"He's got some choppers, don't he? But don't worry, he don't bite much anymore since Hillary had him fixed. Come to think of it, neither do I!
Anyway, what do ya think of the place? All it needs is a set of wheels under it, huh?
And what'ya think of our spacious parking lot?"

"Plenty of room for all sorts of cars and pickup trucks! Hell, you could even park old fat-assed Michael Moore out there! Oh, and speaking of fat asses, make sure you visit our special Monica Lewinsky Memorial Wing and Cigar Shop...
Well, I gotta skidattle, old Jimah Carter's comin' over so we can sit on the porch and have a good wail over the untimely passing of our good old friend Arafat!
Hey, make sure you stop at the Souvenir Shop out back!"

"Y'all come back, now, y'hear!"

pearls before swine...


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