here ya go, Senator Kerry...

please use just one, then pass the box on... there's a long line of the weepy eyed waiting just behind you.
and, really, better luck next time. You're obviously not a stupid fellow, or you wouldn't be where you are. Just a few words of advice, if I may:
1. disassociate yourself with the likes of the Hollywood loudmouths, the so called rock stars and especially the like of fat assed Michael Moore. That shit rubs most people the wrong way. If you have supporters who backed you soley because Susan Sarandon or Bruce Springsteen said they should, you don't need people like that... you need people who can think by themselves.
2. sit down, have a few beers and think about what you said and did when you came back from 'Nam. I think that was one of the great determining factors in how things ended up. This isn't 1973. People are over that crap. Maybe a heartfelt apology and admission that you were wrong would have helped. People are willing to forgive if you give them the opportunity.
3. Americans, as a national family, are still hurting from 9/11. (the event, not that jerkoff's movie...). They need and want to know, in all faith, that the person at the helm is really not only looking out for them, but is one of them. President Bush may not be a common man, but he knows how to talk to him and make him feel good. Agree with his methods or not, you can't go trashing his efforts like you did and not rile folks up. That business about appealing to other nations of the world to allow us to kick ass didn't go over to good, either. We're on the verge of becoming a member of the ever growing world village, but we still haven't quite forgotten how we got here and who we are. That will be a factor in the American psyche for some time to come and should never be dismissed in such an out-of-hand way.
4. and, most importantly, when you say you have a plan to do something, please let us know what it is. More people may have gotten behind you if you at least put your cards on the table and presented a real solution to getting out of Iraq, or securing our borders or just making us feel ok about going to sleep at night.
Well, like I said, better luck next time.

pearls before swine...


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