Sore Old Goth...

OWWW! I spent two hours today in the dentist chair. It was supposed to be just a filling, but it is turning out to be major surgery. I had to have an old cap pryed off, then the tooth drilled out and all the pulp removed. There's a vein of decay that goes down into my jawbone. I have to go back in a little over a week to have a root canal and a temporary cap put on. The I have to go to a periodontist and have my gums cut open and have the root of the tooth and the bone rebuilt. Six weeks after that I have to go back to the dentist to have the permanent cap put back on. Right now my head feels like it was hit with a baseball bat. My face is all swollen and so are my gums. At least I got some good pain killers out of the deal. I guess I'll be spending the weekend putting down my new kitchen flooring while I'm half stoned on my ass. Nothing is ever easy. Oh, well. That's what I get for taking care of my teeth. If I let them go, I'd probably be better off. Go figure.
Oh, and I've decided to swear off politics and current affairs for a while, my head is starting to get all clogged up with this shit. It's time to start posting stories, poetry and nonsense again, this bloggy thing has been far to serious lately. Time for some fun.
Anyway, I'm going to go put an ice bag on my face and lay down and enjoy the little high I have going. It's just over freezing outside and it's raining... a beautiful goth night!
pearls before swine...


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