this old lair... and my weird computer

In spite of my mouth pain, I managed to get two thirds of my new kitchen flooring installed this weekend. I got all the cabinets back in place, as well as the appliances, I managed to disconnect and reconnect the gas range without blowing up the Manor or gassing the inmates. I got all the base trim in and trimmed the bottom of the kitchen door so it would open over the new flooring, installed a new sweep on the bottom of the door and a nifty folding doorstop so we wouldn't have to use the old Mexican Fish Planter to hold the door open. I now have to get everything out of the breakfast nook and do the flooring in there, but I can pick away at it during the week. I'll have everything done but the new countertops by Eat the Bird Day.
My computer never ceases to amaze and frustrate me. For the past year I've had a problem with viewing web pages; all the fonts displayed really large, so I'd have to scroll side to side to see a full page. I change the resolution on my monitor and the fonts displayed almost normally. I treated myself to a new keyboard last week, the old one had gotten to the point where the keys were sticking and the space bar required a mighty blow of the thumb to make it work. I bought a ten dollar keyboard at Staples and all of a sudden, the fonts are displaying correctly. Now I have to strain to see some of the smaller fonts, but I'm afraid to screw with the resolution again just in case it goes back to the way it was. Very odd...
I haven't been able to use the pain killers the dentist gave me, they give me severe stomach cramps, so I've had to endure the residual pain from Friday's dental hijinks by taking Tylenol. It's easing up a bit anyway, so I guess it really doesn't matter, does it? Oh, and the antibiotics give me gas; I've been burping like a frat boy for the past three days, much to the chagrin of the Mrs.
Well, I'm hungry. I think I'm going to go throw a few pieces of left over pizza in the blender so I can take them through a straw. Only kidding, I can actually chew a bit now, although my jaw hinges are still sore from the swelling and my gum is very tender. Three more sessions and it will be over, I can't wait.
Well, have a lovely evening.

pearls before swine...


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