what a day...

I was up very early today. I cleaned up the last of the remodeling debris from the dining room and parlor. I took a huge load of crap to the recycling center. I raked leaves and carted them off until it got too dark to see what I was doing. Now I'm going to have dinner; swiss cheese and broccoli stuffed chicken breasts and a few bottles of Beck's. Tomorrow I have to get up early again and do the shopping for Turkey Day! Then some more raking, then putting some trim back up around the laundry room door while watching the last NASCAR race of the season. I still have to get the window air conditioners out of the windows and finish putting up the storm windows. The work around the Manor never seems to be done. I think I'm going to live to be a hundred years old because there will always be something that needs doing. I really think that when you stop doing, you die.
I still need to pick out the laminate for the countertops and get them done before the Winter holidays. And put in the new sink and fixtures. And look for a new range. And a range hood. And build a shelf over the counter for the microwave. And put a new door jamb on the dining room door. And make a set of cafe doors to ge in between the kitchen and dining room. And put them up. And clean the coal stove chimneys for winter. And clean and polish the oak floor in the dining room. And put up the outside lights for Christmas. And build a new china closet for the dining room. And build the breakfast bar in the breakfast nook. And put a new ceiling light in the breakfast nook. And clean out the little barn. And work on my plans for a new big barn/workshop. And rebuild the old pantry. And put new flooring in the pantry. And get my tatoo. And finish my Christmas shopping.
Wow. I think I better take a nap.

pearls before swine...


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