decking the halls...

well, I've spent the past two days decorating Stately Sad Old Goth Manor for the holidays. the garland is hung in the parlor and dining hall, the wreaths are hung on the doors and the porch posts, the candles are in the windows and the upstairs hallway bannister is decorated with garland and old fashioned bubble lights. Pinecones are the theme this year, they are hanging from all the garland, set all about the place and a pinecone wreath is hanging on the pump room door in the kitchen. All that's left is to get a tree and decorate it. All my shopping is done, except for stocking stuff and a new bed for Sheba the Hound from Heck.
Don't forget about the Geminid meteor showers over the next few nights, best time is around midnight local time, and make sure you go where it's reasonably dark and you might see as many as forty an hour!
time for dinner and a few Dewar's on the rocks.
pearls before swine...


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