We are all part...

of the great machine that churns silently around us and within us. We are but a small part of a greater working, as might be a tiny gear or spring in a great watch, we are all a functioning part of the whole. The great machine cannot work without us, yet we sometimes don't see how important a part we play in it's progress, nor do we sometimes realize how important the great machine is to us, as we go about our lives. Sometimes a part of the machine breaks, and, for a moment, we realize how fragile a part we are, yet how wonderful. Each tiny part is sacred in it's own way and of itself, in relation to all the other parts and as a whole, the great machine is the most sacred and profound of all things.
The great machine is all around us, it is so large and it's workings so vast that we at times fail to see it's wonder, we do not hear the meshing of it's gears, the whirling of it's counterweights, but it works on, none the less. Take a moment to listen to it's work, pause in your tasks to feel it's vibrations, close your eyes and feel the breeze of it's progress on your face as you work within it's wondrous invention.
The great machine moves on, as do we. It is not a hard task master, it does not force you to do your work as a part, but to those who realize their place in it's almost holy intricacy, it invites you to wonder in it's complexity and revel in the beauty of it's product, which is infinite and all.
Embrace yourself, embrace all around you, all within you, and each other.
Embrace the great machine.

pearls before swine...


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