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I don't know if I shall have the chance to post anytime again before the turn of the new year, so I'd like to take this opportunity to wish a happy new year to all the wonderful souls who visit here from time to time. There are many of you that have been long time visitors and some who just drop in once in a while, but I appreciate every visit. And, in turn, to those of you who have blogs of your own that I read on a regular basis, thanks for letting me enjoy your lives and experiences, they are all so wonderful and interesting. To those of you who visit and don't have a blog, why not make starting one of your own something to do in honor of the new year? I know a lot of you personally and you are all deep and intelligent souls who, I think, would offer a lot to the blogsphere. It's free and it's easy. All it takes is some time.
I wish all of you a new year of peace and hope, and freedom from need. Take a few minutes every day to take stock of all the good things in your life and spread good will where you can. Life is short and time passes before you know it, so don't squander it on trivial endeavors, make each moment count, even if just for yourself. It's not a wrong thing to put yourself first once in a while, nor is it wrong to give up something of yourself for someone else.
Watch the sun rise and set once in a while, enjoy the glory of the moon and the stars and the other wonders of the night, and, above all, love all things, for we are all made of the same stuff and we are inseparable from all around us.
Find your place in the universe around you and you will live in peace.
On that note, I bid you my best and most heartfelt wishes.

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