what is wrong with me..?

I almost let this slip by... I'm ashamed.
On this day in 1941, almost three thousand Americans lost their lives to the attack on Pearl Harbor, resulting in the United State's entry into World War Two. Resolve, dedication and support for our fighting men and women got us through that terrible time, just as our fighting men and women are in harm's way today, trying to get us through this terrible time. Don't forget the sacrifice of those who served before them and don't forget they who serve now. Go here and let them know that, in spite of your personal opinions, you care and are thinking of them.
Also, visit Matthew's blog by clicking on his name in the sidebar under "An American Soldier" and drop him a line of support. The Holidays are coming, and it's a terrible time to be away from home, so suck it up and let them know that you appreciate what they are giving up so you can be safe and sound at home with those you love.
It isn't asking much...

pearls before swine...


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