is feast day at Stately Sad Old Goth Manor... on the menu for tonight:
Sad Old Goth's World Famous Potato Soup.
6 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into bit size pieces.
2 cups roughly chopped yellow onion.
4 cups roughly shredded green cabbage.
boil the above in 32.oz chicken stock until the potatoes can be pierced by a fork.
mash the potatoes just a little.
add to the mix:
3 thinly sliced carrots.
2 cups diced celery.
3 cups sliced mushrooms.
1 pint scalded milk.
a rue made from 6 tablespoons melted butter and two tablespoons of whole wheat flour.
fresh rosemary.
simmer, covered, over low heat until the carrots are soft.

With the soup we'll have some grilled portabello mushroom caps, marinated in olive oil, red wine vinegar and a dash of soy sauce, and a salad of grape tomatoes and chunks of mozzarella cheese, coated with salt, pepper and oregano, marinated in extra virgin olive oil.
Maybe I'll whip up some whole wheat muffins as well.
Wash it all down with some nice, cold beer.

pearls before swine...


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