why blog..?

(this is sort of for Erin).
I read a lot of blogs every day. They range from the wildly different blogs of my goth kin, to news blogs, tech blogs, redneck blogs, pro-government and anti-government blogs, home restoration blogs, new-age blogs, wiccan blogs and just plain folks with an interest in sharing their lives blogs. Some of them are what I think of as mega-blogs, with hit counters in the millions and some are, like mine, struggling to make the 10k mark. Some of them make me laugh, some make we think, some bewilder me and confound me. All of them are wonderful, because they are little slices of peoples lives, whether they are informational, entertaining or just fun to read. There's humor, angst, opinion, rants, deep knowledge and there's some that are just so out of left field that you can't help but love them. There's a whole community of people "out there" that feel it's somehow necessary to share of themselves in some way and that, in my generally worthless opinion, is why we do it. There's no rules, no standards, no set format. There's no reason for you to read this, except that you might be interested in what's going on in my crazy life that I need to share with people that I'll probably never meet, except through your own blogs and, really, how cool is that? I'm not a social animal. If there's a get together, I'm the wallflower. I'd rather sit back and observe than jump in the middle and stir stuff up, except when I'm writing in here. I can voice my mind without seeing the look on another person's face and how they're reacting to what I've just said, which will, no doubt, alter what I might say next. If readers don't like what I say here, they can, with a simple click of a mouse, go away and find something else to read. Maybe my life experience is something that I feel is worth sharing, no matter how contrite or insignificant I might feel it is, but here is where I can let it out. Blogging is a lot like facing life, in a way. Once you come to terms with it, you can let some of it out of the box to wander around a bit and see what happens. I'm no pro at it. Few are. This guy is. So is this guy. They were the inspiration for me to try it out for myself.
I guess, for me, anyway, the best approach to it is somewhat like fishing. You gather the tools, decide on a place to try it out, figure out your bait and cast away. Most of the time you just wet your line, but once in a while, damn it, you catch something and then the fun begins. It's really nothing to fret over. You don't have to have the best blog on the web. Just have some fun. It's a bit like sex... you hope for the best and it usually is...

Well, enough about that. The humble wine cellar of Stately Sad Old Goth Manor was plundered, raped and pillaged over the holidays... time to restock. I'm into the last bottle of 2001 Liberty School Cabernet, all that's left are some French and Italian table wines that will, no doubt, be called to duty soon. I think an afternoon in the local wine shop is in order this weekend. Maybe this summer when the black mulberry tree is if full attack, dropping fruit all over my sidewalk and driveway, I'll gather enough to make four or five gallons of mulberry port. I made some a long time ago and it presented an unprecedented attack on my brain cells that I've been waiting to recover from ever since... good stuff, that. I also made some mead once that had an alcohol content that was near fatal. And hallucinatory... No wonder those Viking fellows got so riled up. I was ready to dress in skins and have at folks with swords myself after a few jars of that stuff. Made some ale once that would raise the hairs, too.

So... enough about this and that. Be sure to keep abreast of what's going on with our Penn Jersey She Devils Roller Derby league by visiting the roller-blog. Things are finally starting to come together and there should be some announcements soon.
I might be back later. or not.

pearls before swine...


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