today is Imbolc...

As the days begin to grow longer, the first, faint whispers of Springtide can be heard, if you listen carefully.
This is a time for starting things, of planting seeds with hopes for reaping the crops to come.
On that note, I have to say that this blog will be taking a back seat to other things for a while, especially the seemingly endless quest to get the roller derby league up and running. We're finally at a stage of do or die with the whole thing and by the end of next week we shall know if it is going to happen or not. You can find out what's going on by visiting the Penn Jersey She Devils weblog, via the link in the right sidebar.
So, between now and then, I will be posting very little in here, but stop in once in a while, you never know when something interesting might crop up.
I wonder what the groundhog will prognosticate for us today?
I'll be back soon...

pearls before swine...


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