life a go-go...

whew! It's a good thing that my body eventually gives out and I get some much needed sleep every few days... we've been very, very busy on the roller derby front. Lot's of wheeling and dealing, handshake agreements, total madness...
The benefits of living the good life are finally coming around, and *gasp* my faith in humankind may yet be restored. Even if the roller derby gig falls on it's ass, we'll have made some great friends and had one hell of a time, but I doubt it will fail unless we let it. It is so much fun putting something like this together and watch it take on a life of it's own. If things keep progressing with the same pace of the past few weeks, we may be able to have an exhibition match in the late fall.
Other than that, life, crazy as it is, goes on. The final phase of the great kitchen remodeling adventure is about to begin with work on the new countertops, sink and fixtures and all the little cool stuff like new switchplates and decorative stuff. Then, on to the dining room. Fear not, a new chapter of This Old Lair is in the offing.
Gotta run, lots to do tonight so I can meet the girls at the rink tomorrow morning for some skating practice.
pearls before swine...


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