It's all MADNESS..!!!

I'm exhausted... we worked the Monster Mania convention last weekend, then went right into last minute prep for our first big roller derby fundraising event of the year, trivia night at a bar in Philly. It actually went well, we made a lot of new fans and had a lot of new girls sign up.
Drop on over the the roller blog for details, if you're so inclined.
Despite my growing mistrust of the Philly media, we're going to try working with it again - my partner, Ken, some of our skaters and I will be guests on Dave Warren's "Acres of Diamonds" radio talk show this Saturday, May 28th at 8:00PM, 1340AM-WHAT, to help spread the word about bringing REAL roller derby back to Philly.
If you can't tune in on the radio, you can listen on line at www.thebigtalker.net.
Other than that, looking forward to a semi-relaxing Memorial Day weekend with family and friends - please DON'T FORGET why it's called Memorial Day! Take a minute to give thanks to the brave men and women who have given their all to keep this country the kind of place where you can have a blog, say what's on your mind and have a voice in government, no matter how little that voice may seem sometimes. Fly your flags and hang your buntings this weekend... maybe if you bump into someone in uniform over the weekend, remember to say "thanks"... it goes a long way.
Be well. Be careful.

pearls before swine...


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