I must be getting stupid...

in my old age... this on-going situation of anti-American protests by Muslims over the alleged incidents by guards at Gitmo desecrating the Koran have me confused. I don't seem to recall any such goings on when unknown numbers of the Koran were probably destroyed in the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11. I'm sure that many of the Muslim faith were employed there and probably lost, if not their lives, their Korans to the savage attack by their brethren. I don't recall any riots by Christians who lost bibles, Hindus who lost copies of the Bhagavata Purana, Jews who lost Torahs, Buddhists who lost their bibles or even Wiccans who lost their Book of Shadows... I don't understand the double standard; the savage terror attacks of that day and those that occur world-wide on a daily basis, crafted and carried out by these so-called devotees of Muhammad go against the very essence of their faith, yet the Muslim world at large does little to condemn these acts, buy they are the first to decry any act by persons outside their faith against who say anything against or act against it. It causes me to be slightly less sympathetic to their plight, but even more wary of their intentions. They hide behind the veil of their faith when it suits them, but throw it to the wayside when it's time to play the barbarian. I guess blowing each other up is less an issue to them, because it's done under the guise of their "faith", but don't let a "non-believer" tread on their toes or mishandle the Koran, because it's so "holy", lest all hell break loose. I'm finding I have very little patience left for these losers.
pearls before swine...


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