i feel like crap...

i've had a sore throat and raspy cough since may. i've been to the doctor twice, ingested scores of antibiotics, nasal sprays and decongestant inhalants, to no avail. now the soreness has spread up into my ears, down into my chest and shoulders and even down my spine. my tongue and the roof of my mouth feel like they've been scalded and all my joints hurt. i'm beginning to think that i may be going through another bout of lyme disease, or maybe something similar. i feel like i have a fever all the time. even my equilibrium is being effected. i made an appointment with a throat specialist for next week, but if i keep feeling worse every day, i may just bag it and call an infectious disease specialist and see if i can get in as an emergency case. this sucks. my eyelids even hurt. my jaw joints hurt. all i want to do is sleep, which is difficult, as it feels like someone is sitting on my chest when i lay down. 'tis a strange malady, indeed. nothing seems to lessen the symptoms nor aggravate them, they just go on and on and on.
as a matter of fact, my wrists hurt so much that i don't even want to be typing this, so i'm going to stop here.
have a nice night.
pearls before swine...


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