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Had a great time at Monster Bash last weekend, especially the side trips we took on the way out to the Pittsburgh area, which included a stay in an old fashioned motor court motel and some local attractions; came back last Sunday night, spent Monday moving out the old kitchen range and waiting for the new one to be delivered in the pouring rain, which it was. The propane guy came on Tuesday morning to hook it up and then I started widening and regrading the driveway. That took two days. Went across the street to the local landscaping place and ordered twelve tons of stone, which was delivered late that afternoon. Spent thirteen hours shoveling and grading stone on Thursday, as well as seeing my old friend, the propane guy, who had to come back to rebuild my hot water heater, which waited to croak until he had left on Tuesday. Didn't realize it had died until the hot water in the tank finally ran out on Wednesday night. Cleaned up the yard and pool on Friday morning, did some shopping and went to a cyber-goth-fetish club on Friday night... don't ask, ok?
Got in at three thirty Saturday morning and got up at nine and spent the entire day mowing, trimming, weeding, edging, all the fun yard stuff. Sunday was the big family party; food, booze, family, booze, friends, food, booze, bonfire, booze, horseshoes, food, booze and fireworks. Got to bed around one this morning and slept in. Spent the rest of today hanging out in the pool and got one hell of a sunburn on the top of my legs... can't wait to put a pair of long pants on for work tomorrow. I really needed the week off, even though I busted my ass the whole time. I haven't had a full week off since I had my hernia fixed two years ago. I think that I'll take another week off in the fall, maybe around Hallowe'en and another around Christmas. Anyway, that's my story. Hope you had a great Fourth.
See you soon.
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