well, it's been a long time...

hasn't it? I've been suffering from alternating bouts of laziness, angst, exhaustion and general malaise of late... and thought it prudent not to post anything in here whilst in that particular state of mind. I've been feeling a little intolerant lately, too and thought that, if my last post was any indication of what I was actually capable of in that particular state of mind, I had better lay off for a while. That was the first post that I've actually considered going in and deleting, but, I've never done it before and won't start now. I must apologize for allowing my mental state to sway my better judgement and post something so brash and unfeeling. I fear that I'm on the verge of turning into one of those intolerant bastards that I profess to hate so. I shan't let that happen and if I ever have the audacity to post something like that again, please feel free to call me on it. I need a wake up call sometimes, just like everyone else.
Other than that, the weather of late is having an effect on the grounds and even on Stately Sad Old Goth Manor® itself... the growth of moss on the northeast side rivals any attempt I've ever made at cultivating anything. It does lend a certain old-world quality to the place, especially when taken in from a few steps back so the ivy that manages to escape my control and send a few tendrils up here and there can be part of the picture. It's almost quaint. Almost.
Inside the Manor, I've been busy with the final issues to be resolved in order to finish up the remodeling of the scullery, like installing the new, over the range microwave with exhaust hood built in. They are designed to be secured to the bottom of a cabinet. There is no cabinet over the range. I had to build a sturdy shelf of three quarter birch ply and oak framing to act in the cabinets stead. Of course, there is nothing in the way of studs in the general vicinity that I can attach it to, so I had to remove a large portion of sheetrock from the pantry wall that backs it up and install sections of two by four between the studs that I could find, so as to have something to lag-bolt it into. It makes it easier to run the necessary electric, anyway, so it was not a wasted effort, and will spur me on to the task of remodeling the pantry soon. Maybe.
Final installation will wrap up this week inbetween roller derby practice sessions and then it's on to the counter tops, new sink basin and fixtures. After that, just some final moulding work here and there and some touch up painting of the walls and cabinets where I've managed to ding them up moving stuff around and swinging tools about and such.
Well, I have to roll on up to the rink for this evenings practice and then go home and get some sleep. I hope this humidity breaks soon, everything in the Manor is either damp or sticky, or both, the meager window air conditioning units just can't keep up with it when it goes on for this long. The most enjoyable thing is the bannister up the center stairs; it must have been washed five thousand times over the years we've lived here, especially when the girls were small, but when the humidity is like this, it feels like it's been coated with sticky goo and never been touched. Blech... Most of the doors have swollen up enough to stick here and there and even the ghosts of pets past seem to come out of the woodwork to add their odors to those of Sheba the Hound from Heck® and Tiger the Cat®, there's nothing you can do about it in this weather... except burn lots of patchouli candles and sprigs of sage here and there to help ward it off.
I promise to be back soon. The sun is starting it's slow climb down the zodiac and the tinges of my usual winter funk tease me with their little pokes here and there... ah, prime blogging season, the dreads of winter, how I love it so...
be well.
pearls before swine...


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