shameless self promotion...

it's the Amerikan way, ain't it?

The Penn Jersey She Devils
will be featured on Comcast SportNet's SportNite show this Thursday night at 10:00PM. The crew stayed for an entire two and a half hour training session, did interviews with some of the skaters, and we're hoping this will give everyone a good idea of just what we've been up to for the past few months. These ladies have been working their tails off and they're ready to rock and roll!
While you're here, scroll down a bit and take a gander at a new She Devils logo design, let me know what you think!

Side note: I'm back on line (well, at least the TV and modem, the broadband phone system is still a bit balky...). The new computer is great, really diggin' on the 17" flat screen monitor! I just love toys!
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