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I'd like to expand and expound on this post from Parkway Rest Stop;
The bleating of the sheep has gotten so loud they can barely hear themselves over one another... and they bleat like sheep, because the are just that - sheep. They follow each other to and fro, bleating out their laments over anything that upsets the fantasy world they live in... everything and anything they can possibly tie to President Bush, be it hurricanes, gas prices, falling skyscrapers, what have you, off they go, scurrying off to the next rally to bleat some more. They sicken me. I despise them so deeply that it borders on the hate which I will not allow to surface, lest I become one of them. They cry injustice, yet where were they when their leaders, whom they hold so hallowed, set the ground work for our current condition by not passing the environmental laws that these poor lambs claim would have kept us from the condition we face now. They cry, "shame, oh, where, where was Bush when all this tragedy on our Southern shores was unfolding? Surely he should have been doing something! Why was he at his ranch? Where was our Government?" I'm sure President Bush was using the seclusion of his ranch home to do more behind the scenes than they could even imagine to set things in motion. At least he wasn't in the Oval Office with his dick in some intern's mouth... where are the wailing mobs protesting that ultimate desecration of the publics highest office? Probably milling about in the same pen that their parents were in when they didn't utter a baaaa when good old Uncle Teddy has his little watery mishap. When one of their own is involved, there's nary a sound. They hold their shepherds most high. They are blind to reality. They are deaf from listening to their own wailing. And yet, they do serve a purpose; they give the rest of us who dwell in the real a point of reference, as well as fodder for the mill of the ridiculous.
There are many, many things wrong in the United States of America right now, more than hurricanes or flooding or gas prices. One of the biggest wrongs is that many believe in the idea of a huge government, a government that will be there to right their wrongs, pick them up when they fall. A government that will make sure that everyone is the same, no one will suffer the indignities of being an individual, a government that will be their eyes and their ears and their tongues. That is what they want. A government that will be in total control, so all will be right in their little castrated world... maybe they didn't see that wall being torn down in Berlin a few years back. It wasn't the folks living under the repression of a free society that were trying to break into the East, friends.
Grow the fuck up, you idiots. Stop holding your hands to your head whilst you wail. Put your hands to better use. Help you fellow Americans in need. Do something constructive for once in your life. Then you can go drink your fucking Kool-Aid for all I care.
Oh, before you ask what I'm doing to help, I'll be washing cars all day Sunday with my roller derby league to raise money for the American Red Cross and the Humane Society of the United States for hurricane relief. What are you going to be doing to help?
I feel much better now.

pearls before swine...


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