I'm impolite...

I neglected to tell you who that was performing in the last post. That was Jason Molina and The Magnolia Electric Company, a derivative of Songs:OHIA, and the cut was Farewell Transmission. Cool stuff, huh?
Here's another one! Man, are you gonna get sick of this or what?
OK, turn off the lights, light a candle... no, wait a minute, light the candle first, then turn off the lights, sit back with a nice glass of claret and listen to this:

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This is a really great darkwave/ethereal band named Frolic, and it is on their Permafrost CD. Very cool stuff for just a guy and his girl making music in their home studio, huh?
You can find more of their stuff at Projekt.
Dinner awaits.
pearls before swine...


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