oh, thanks a lot, Sluggo...

just what I need, another toy to play with! Actually, this freakin' rocks. Now, can I not only assail you with my relentless drivel, I can force my musical tastes on you! MWAAAHAHAHA! Listen and suffer along with me as I drag you deeper into the depths of musical depression and aural torment! Shudder and quake at the inhuman sounds that emanate from your speakers! Wail along with me to the plaintive strains of soul wrenching laments!
Well, maybe it's not going to be all that bad. Actually, you might be surprised at what you hear. Anyway, thanks to Sluggo again for turning me on to this. Have fun.

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In my office, we jokingly refer to Jason Molina's stuff as "suicide music". It's more like a musical flame in the night that draws that sullen little moth of your soul to it's beauty and then crisps you in mid-flight and laughs while you spiral down into the darkness. It also inspires insipid attempts at describing it. I'll shut up. You listen and decide.
pearls before swine...


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