The events that shape the psyche of a nation are only fleeting moments in it's history, yet the impact is profound. It is not the attack on the people that has this effect, but the attack on their ideals, their beliefs, their most sacred holdings that stirs them to rise as one and smite those who dare to do these deeds.
In 1941, the call to battle might of had a little more to it than it seems to have now. I wonder if the smoke from 12/7/1941 has ever really cleared from the minds of those who use that dreadful day as the rally cry to call the brave to arms this day, or is the vision of who and what we are still clouded by that oily pall that hung in the air, obscuring the view, sickening the senses..? Have those ideals, beliefs and sacred holdings been replaced by blatant pride?
This is a day to reflect on those who lost their lives on that sunny Sunday in 1941. It should also be a day to reflect on whether or not the price paid by those who followed has been squandered. December 7th should not only be noted as Pearl Harbor day, it should be touted as Look In The Mirror Day... with eyes open.

pearls before swine...


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