I hate this day...

I undid Christmas today. I took down the garlands, I took down the tree, I took the candles out of the windows; I put away all the Christmas candy dishes and the Christmas candle holders and the various odds and ends that deck the halls of Stately Sad Old Goth Manor and it makes me so very, very sad. Heathen that I am, there is something very grounding in all the shiny stuff that makes the Manor seem so much alive during the winter holiday season. Not to say that the Manor is any less alive during the rest of the year, but Christmas, especially this year, was so very, very wonderful.
You know, sometimes the Manor is not unlike the Addams Family house, it has it's dour moments, but for the most part, it is a place of wonder and love and good will. It evolves constantly. It's a beautiful place... It's just that more beautiful around Christmas. The Mrs. and I live here, always, but there are always daughters who come and go, friends who find solace here and the eternal cats...
I guess what I'm trying to say is that, in spite of my heathen ways, Christmas means so much to me; I can't explain why, other than it make me feel like a kid again, when Christmas was full of wonder...
So, anyway, I took down the tree today, to put up the empty corner of the living room, to celebrate the rest of the year.

what say you..?


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