for the idle stretch. I haven't been feeling all that well lately and don't seem to be getting anywhere with my current choice of physician. I don't have a regular doctor, never did, I prefer to handle matters myself unless they seem outside the scope of my abilities. However, I've some lingering symptoms for many months that have suddenly intensified and are giving me some real grief. The learned medical types don't seem to realize that I'm pretty in tune with my body; I know what hurts, what feels odd, and the frequency of the symptoms and how they've intensified over recent time. It is my opinion that I have some sort of systemic infection, perhaps a recurrence of Lyme disease, which has bothered me in the past. I described the symptoms and their spread with great detail, only to be told it's probably something else, so I went off for x-rays, cat scans and blood work last weekend and was given a prescription for something that was supposed to help. It didn't. The pictures came back inconclusive and apparently either the hospital or the doctor lost the results of the blood work, so I'm back to square one. That being said, I think I will go directly to an infectious disease specialist and see where that goes. All I know is that I am not well. Not at all.
Anyway, I'll be back over the weekend sometime when I feel more like spouting the usual blather than complaining.
be well.

what say you..?


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