haute cuisine...

and other stuff... I'm just hanging around, killing time before I head up to the rink for roller derby practice; just finished a killer dinner - a can of "Creamy Milk Chocolate" Slim-Fast and a banana rolled in crushed walnuts. I'm sure I'll be up at three in the morning paying for that one.
Speaking of roller derby, there have been some changes in the date and place of our first bout of this season; please check our blog page for up to the date info.
Speaking of which, the Penn Jersey She Devils blog page will be replaced by our new fangled web page which is almost finished and ready to be sprung upon the unsuspecting public.... lots of bells and whistles and good stuff.
The current news is that the first bout will be on March 26th and it will be in NEW JERSEY, not Pennsy! YEA!
I've decided to kill off my project of re-editing and posting "blessings...". After taking the time to sit and re-read the entire book, I've come to the conclusion that it is probably the weakest, most boring thing I've ever attempted to write, science fiction is not my genre, that's for sure, so I think I'm going to let it die a peaceful and most deserved death in the bottom drawer of my desk. Maybe Mrs. SOG can auction it off when I finally go four up...
I was thinking of trying to resurrect the old "Goths on fire" team blog page, or something of that ilk. Any of you gothy folk (or non-gothy folk, for that matter) interested in a group blog? Might be fun to pick random subjects and run with them until we run them into the ground, then start on another subject. Or something else. Anyone have any ideas?
Well, I'm going to go have a cigarette and a cup of coffee and hit the road.
Have a wonderful evening, fellow wanderers... fare thee well.

***Oh, my goth... I was running spell check before I posted this and Blogger didn't recognize the word "Pennsy", so it suggested "penis" as a substitute. Gotta love spell checker...

what say you..?


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