I got your list, right here...

Here's my seven, Jim.
These have hit the turntable/CD player/i-pod within the past seven days, all more than once;

1. Seventeen - by Ladytron; My second favorite tune on the new CD by the super techno-dance group, actually contains some heady lyrical content, albeit, repeated quite often.
2. Permafrost - by Frolic; Spacy, gothy, shoe-gazer stuff, but Kelly O'Brien's vocals come with high-powered heart drill attached.
3. Soulville - by Ben Webster; my all-time fav tenor sax blower. makes you want to sit in a Jersey gin mill, sip a cold one out of an old, weathered pilsner glass and work your way through a pack of humps while you lament that lady you let slip through your fingers.
4. LOTR - The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack - by Howard Shore; what can I say? I was born in the wrong reality. This takes me to the right one.
5. Royal Garden Blues - by Bix Beiderbecke; young man with a horn. syncopated jazz at it's best, from the beginning of it all.
6. John Henry Split This Heart - by Jason Molina and the Magnolia Electric Company; see #3 above, but substitute the parking lot of an abandoned steel mill, a six of Iron City and the sunset. Same lament, though.
7. Radiant Warmth - by Mari Boine; semi-traditional Såmi joik. Don't ask me to explain it, just find it and listen to it. It will do things to you, if you let it.

This is fun. Maybe I'll do a list of seven albums I would bring with me on a long, long journey. And another list of seven that take me way, way back to more innocent times.
Like Jim, I'm not going to tag anyone, got bit on that before. Just run with it if you want to. Have fun.

what say you..?


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