oh, my...

oh, bother... *sigh*... What a world, what a world...
the only good thing going right this moment is that I have a full bottle of Bushmill's at my left hand, my favorite highball glass at my right and a ready supply of chipped ice. Not bad fare for a Friday evening, I suppose. It's still a half hour before the Sixer's game comes on, I'm listening to David Sylvian and I have absolutely nothing of interest to say. No odd stories to relate, no tall tales to unwind upon your unsuspecting minds, no mindless wit; my muse is on holiday, me thinks. That's ok, everyone deserves some time off now and then. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me; I have to make the usual Post Office and recycling run in the morning, head off to the art supply place for some double sided tape, then come home and install the last bit of molding in the kitchen. Some nice beaded 1/2" x 3/8" stuff to seal the gap between the top of the sink counter backsplash and the tin panels on the wall. I will use the tape to adhere it to the formica and silicone sealant to adhere it to the tin. That should work. Then off to the lumber mill for some red oak and a pair of antique style table legs so I can put together a frame with the two legs to support the portion of the work area counter top that has no cabinet under it. It's been held up by two 1 1/2" dowels for years and they no longer look right. The space under that part of the counter is where we keep the food and water bowls for Sheba, the Hound from Heck. Sadly, I don't know how much longer she is going to be with us, she's been slowly failing over the past year. She's still pretty alert and active, but she is very, very old and, well, the inevitable is probably not too far off. Ugh, I really don't want to think about that right now. Back to the kitchen; I have to reframe the door between the kitchen and the dining room and then, when the weather gets warmer, build a set of extra tall cafe doors to install there; tall enough to visually divide the kitchen from the dining room, but short enough so, when closed, Sheba and the current population of cats can get underneath it. I was thinking of beveled glass inserts with some sort of graphic sandblasted into them, something from the transitional period between Victorian and Art Deco. Should be a challenge to find something appropriate, but that's what the internet is for, isn't it? One problem I've been wrangling with is that in the dining room, which is pretty much a style I call mildly depressing Victorian jumble sale, has deeply carved and fluted trim around all the windows and doorways, while the kitchen has pretty clean, rounded edge Deco style trim; I have no idea how to handle that transition within the width of the framing that separate the two. Any suggestions? The cafe doors themselves can be oak on the dining room side and white on the kitchen side, so, no matter if they are closed, or opened in either direction, they will compliment either decor, but I really don't know how to handle the framing. Anyway, not too much to be done after that, just some more molding work on the shelf that I put up to hold the over the range microwave and some little decorating odds and ends. Oh, crap. I forgot about the shelf over the service counter. I can knock that in a day. Some creative scroll saw work and a little router action and that's all there is to that. I'm also going to make some racks that attach to the bottom of that shelf to hang wine glasses so when, oh cripes, back to the dying dog portion of our show, we no longer need the have the food and water bowls there, I can install my much coveted after mini wine refrigerator. No more trudging to the wine cellar, I can crawl on my hands and knees right into the kitchen for another bottle. Hmmm, maybe I should make that cafe door a little shorter so I can squeeze underneath it myself. Don't want to risk personal injury when I'm in my cups...
Ok, enough of this endless ramble. I'm going to go make myself something to nibble on for the game, then resume thrashing the life out of this bottle of whiskey.
You have a wonderful evening.
(you might notice that this was posted at ten thirty, I actually wrote it around six thirty and only now has blogger started behaving itself and let me publish it. Very frustrating...)
what say you..?


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