now I have a headache... just spent several hours making pretty linkage headings, revamping the sidebar layout and moving stuff around. What do you think? Too colorful? Not morbid or sullen enough?
Next task is to update the links; get rid of the broken ones, add a bunch of new ones, tidy them up a bit. If I should be linking to you, just let me know, I'll be happy to add you.
Anyone know how to reduce the size of the archive dates in Blogger? They make the page stupidly long. I'd like to have them a lot smaller. The code for them is embedded in the Blogger shell, not in the template. Very frustrating.
Oh yeah, anyone else want to join the group blog? Don't know what it's going to be or where it might head, but what the hell, why not?
Anyway, it's really cold and windy outside, and you know how Stately Sad Old Goth Manor gets in weather like this... I'm going to go crawl into the coffin and shut the lid so I say somewhat warm.
Take care, fellow wanderers. Fare thee well.
what say you..?


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