the world...

is a lesser place today...
You know, I really, really love cats. I got an email today from my bro Doug, with the sad news that his family cat, Bristol, had to be put to sleep yesterday. Bristol showed up at our back door about thirteen years ago or so. She had a massive infection in her eyes and we took her to a shelter. They had to remove both her eyes, rendering her blind. My wife's sister took her in from the shelter and gave her a loving home. She spent her life surrounded by humans who loved her and she was really something. She knew her way around the house, never shyed away from anyone who payed attention to her and returned all the love and attention everyone lavished upon her. Who could ask for more? I'm very sad to hear of her leaving us, but, at the same time, very happy that she was surrounded by such wonderful people who made sure she was well taken care of, and allowed her to live a long, wonderful life.
Bless you, Bristol.
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