yeah, yeah...

what can I say..? When racing season starts I have to put the gothy stuff away for a few hours every weekend and get out the ol' trucker cap and plunk my weary old ass down and watch as much "go fast, turn left" as I can cram in. And one guy in particular I keep my eye on is Michael Waltrip. That's him with his new ride for 2006. He may not be one of the dashing young media darlings that seem to have taken over the NASCAR limelight these days, but he's one hell of a driver and one hell of a guy. I missed the Busch Series event yesterday, but you be sure I'll be planted in front of the TV at 1:30 today, sandwich, snacks and beer in hand and I'll have a damn good time. Not as good a time as my Bro Doug, he's actually in Daytona this weekend. Damn. One of these years.
Hey, I know... this is a very, very un-goth like activity. Yep, yer right. All I can say is, neither is this. Might be fun creating havoc at the local links, though...
Have a great day. Stay warm.
what say you..?


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