you must excuse me...

and indulge me for falling off the wagon here; I know I said I've sworn off all the political stuff the 2006, but I've been seething over this and figured I'd drag out my soapbox on this in-auspicious occasion.
This is Filamentous Algae, known in the common tongue as pond scum. It is, although basically innocuous, scorned by those who ply the waterways or make their living off them. It is held in such low esteem that the common name, pond scum, is often used as an adjective, particularly when describing a person or persons of less than reputable behavior. However, even this does not describe those who used the solemn occasion of the late Coretta Scott King's funeral to spew their hatred for the current administration and President Bush, in particular. The President's presence at the service did not even deter such low life characters as Bill Clinton, Joseph Lowery and Jimmy Carter to use the event as a platform to belch forth their vile remarks. This behavior defies description, rationalization or the slightest nod of understanding. These three characters have shown themselves, once again, to be below any level of self respect that one can imagine and a fair representation of the underlying attitude of their followers - they have no shame and will tread upon anything and anyone, dead or alive, to spread their message of hate. They are less than pond scum. They are self serving, hate mongering assholes without bound, each and every one of them. And they are not worthy of me spending any more of my good time on them here and now.
I was going to disable the comments because I really don't care what any left wing fucktards have to say about this or about me, but go ahead, have some fun, because I really don't give a shit.
Have a nice day.
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