Shhhh... don't wake up kitty. She's still suffering the effects of that dozer cum Super Bowl event yesterday. More like the sleeper bowl. Not that I wasn't glad to see Pittsburgh win, although I could have endured it going either way, but, as usual, hype and spectacle of the surrounding commercials and halftime show eclipsed any excitement the game should have held for me. Maybe I was just a bit jaded by spending the afternoon watching two killer basketball games; you just can't beat being 3 points down, 2.2 seconds left and you're inbounding the ball and have one, just one chance to get it to your specialist, your surgeon, your behind the arc guy. And you do it and damn, it's OT! Nothing compares to overtime in basketball. None of that nansy-pansy, first one who scores wins crap. You play 5 and you play it like the first 48 and you run that 94 feet like you mean it. Anyway, I guess the football game was fun, I won twenty five bucks in a pool, I drank beer, ate wings (and a killer brie fondue with fresh blueberries and raspberries - now, there's bounty for you!). Halftime, though, left a little bit to be desired - the band sounded pretty good, considering the surroundings and sound system available to them, but Mick - you know, there were days when the girls used to throw their dainties to him on stage; I was hoping that at some point one of them might have pity on the poor guy and toss their asthma inhaler up there - geez, he sounds like he should take a vacation at the iron lung resort. Maybe it's time to call it quits.
Gotta run, folks, time to head to the rink for derby practice. Fare thee well.

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