all shining, and glory...

It's twilight. My favorite time of the day. All is bathed in violet and blue, the tall clouds in the distant southeast are capped with orange veils, contrasting with the darkening sky in which they stand, like so many distant castles bathed in glory, beacons lit to call home their kings...
And, so what is my poetic self doing..? Sitting inside, blogging. The hound is sprawled, fast asleep, in the foyer; one cat is draped over the arm of a chair; one is snoozing on top of the armoire that holds the TV, her head hanging perilously over the edge; one is curled up in a ball on the love seat. The TV is on, I'm paying some little attention to the Sixers and Nets game, but the sound is off; I'm listening to some early Baroque music, Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas". I'm also enjoying a rather nice, but somewhat overly dry Merlot from Vampire Winery in Romania and eating some dark chocolate Easter candy. Perhaps the cocoa in the candy is fooling my palate by making the wine seem extra dry. Maybe not. It's an interesting combination of tastes, though. I am relaxing this eve. Four days of playing at landscape contractor has me bushed. (Was that a pun? If it was, it was unintentional, as my wit is as flogged as my body right now...). Another three or four days of the same effort will yield a new and vastly improved back forty, it will be some place I can actually get away to, to sit under a tree with pipe and flagon and enjoy the nice summer nights. Oh, and how that wood fills with fireflies in the summer! It is something I can't even try to describe. To stand in the middle of them is an experience that you have to enjoy to understand. It is one of the more simple pleasures I find in summer life around here, but one of the most profound. I hope you might come and enjoy them with me, some time.
Well, I'm off for a smoke and to enjoy the onset of the full on dark.
Be ye well, my fellow wanderers. Fare thee well.
what say you..?


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