dinner for eight...

I left a comment over at SondraK's place earlier today and it got me thinking about who I would really, really like to sit down to dinner with if I had the chance. If I could ever pull something like this off, I would have these people join me at Stately Sad Old Goth Manor, where I would be able to relax and make them feel relaxed and at home, as well. Here's the list:
1. George W. Bush. Not the President, but the man. I would like to know what GWB the man is all about. I think being President stifles him, in a way. I would like to know the breadth and depth of his personality.
2. Marilyn Manson. I'm always amazed at the odd perception most people have of him. He's incredibly well read and listening to him speak when interviewed, I believe he's a genuinely intelligent and compassionate person. I'm sure he would have some great stories to tell, too.
3. Condi Rice. Strong, intelligent, outspoken. To listen to her speak candidly about the state of the world today would be mind-blowing. I'd like to hear what she would do at the helm of our country, if given the chance.
4. Richard Brautigan. Alas, no longer with us. Poet, novelist, keen observer of life, his writings recorded the events of his own life in a way that, while almost incomprehensible at times in their depth and complexity, never failed to make me pause and probe meaning in my own life in a way that opened my eyes to a different light in the world. He changed me.
5. Ayn Rand. Yet another who is no longer with us. If you know who she is, you will know why she would be at the table. If you don't know who she is, you should. Not to say you would like her ideas or ideals, but someone who, like Brautigan, caused me to pause and think.
6. k d lang. Chanteuse. The best phrasing since Nat King Cole. Again, a person, I'm sure, of undiscovered depth of soul. Sure to be the life of the party. Maybe she would sing after dinner. I would die...
7. Sherlock Holmes. Ok, ok, I know he's a fictional character, but someone I've always wished I was acquainted with. His intuitive nature and process of logical thought would draw the most out of the other guests. He might even uncover a skeleton or two in some long locked closet. I think that the living person would have to be as portrayed by Basil Rathbone, my favorite Holmes.
Number eight is me.
I'm sure that, on any given day, this list would be quite different, but for today, this guest list would rock.
So, who would you like to sit and break bread with?

what say you..?


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