the good earth...

spent a good part of the day outside cleaning up the perennial beds, digging out the old root masses of last year's annuals, tilling in some good stuff to help everything grow. My hosta bed is full of shoots and looks like a bunch of sleeping hedgehogs, half buried under the soil. The irises are all about a half foot tall and the lilies are taller than that. Most of the herbs are poking up here and there as well as the yarrow, which I grow to attract gold finches. They love the seeds and flock to the garden in the late summer to fill up for their journey to warmer climes. The forsythias that line the drive are all in bloom and the hedges are starting to wear a green haze. The daffs are starting to play out, as are the hyacinths. The crocus, snow drops and grape hyacinths in the rockery are already gone. It felt really good to have the sun on my back and my hands in the earth, this winter really had me in a funk for some reason, but now I can cure myself with my gardens.
what say you..?


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