I'm going to be sore...

tomorrow... I got up at six thirty and was at the grocery store before eight, was home and had everything put away before ten and set to work cleaning up the grounds on the east and north side of the Manor. I spent four hours raking and hauling away left over leaves, pine cones, seed hulls from our catawaba trees, fallen branches and winter's garbage. I chopped up a huge limb from one of the trees that came down during the last big winter storm and carted it out to the brush pile out in the back of the property. I cleaned out all the pots for the summer annuals and got them ready for planting. I cleaned out under the pool deck. Tomorrow I shall be dragging myself about like Frankenstein's Igor. But when I got done, put the tools away and sat down at the patio table with a frosty pint glass of ale and relaxed for a few, it felt really, really good. I don't suffer the winter months very good any more, physically or mentally and getting out and working on the grounds is a therapy beyond worth. I'm looking forward to the long weekend coming up, I will be doing a major cleaning on the back forty this season and it seems like the perfect time to start. It looks like the Stygian Wastes back there, or the Somme after a good shelling. Well, I'm going to force down another pint while I watch the last half of the race from Texas Motor Speedway and wind down a bit before dinner. I've heard rumors that it's going to be fried Cubanelle peppers on whole wheat rolls, with marinated tomato slices and slabs of mozzarella cheese, and a salad. Maybe I can convince the Mrs. to do up a heap of Tater Tots on the side.
See you later.
what say you..?


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