I am alive. That is, if you can call this living. I've been a very busy gothie the last week. I planted my annual beds, over one hundred fifty plants, finished cleaning up the back forty, dug out some more of the old honeysuckle hedges from the front yard, potted up a mess of geraniums and begonias, potted up my hanging planters, hung the windchimes all over the place and have started demolition on the bathroom; to come - new flooring, a nice rich merlot color mahogany, new cherry vanity with a white overhang basin, all new trim, new wallpaper, probably a tin ceiling, new light fixtures and fans and window dressings, new medicine cabinet, new sconces on either side of it, a wall mounted tilting mirror, new towel racks and such. Yes, and it's all going to be done by July 4th. Right after I put a new roof on the place and rebuild the Yankee gutters. And, to top it all off, I'm right in the middle of a re-fi on the mortgage. The appraiser is coming Friday, closing is next Thursday. And the second She Devils Roller Derby bout is on the 21st of May! Visit http://www.shedevilsrollerderby.com for all the gory details. It's time for Sweet Revenge!
So, stay tuned for some new editions of This Old Lair and other tales of remodeling and restoration mayhem from the dark and dreary halls of Stately Sad Old Goth Manor.
I'm going to bed now. Sweet dreams to you, my fellow wanderers... fare thee well.
what say you..?


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