jesus up a tree...

I'm tired. And sore. And sunburned. Here's a quick wrap-up of my three day weekend.
Saturday; mowed the lawn. took hours since it was ankle high from all the rain lately. took a shower, ate some Tylenol, headed out to the local short track to watch the stock car races with my two brothers in law. Good lads, they are. The best.
Drank beer, ate a huge hotdog, got home late and ate some more, drank some more, then crashed.
Sunday; did the shopping. started relining the gutters on The Manor, yet again, this time with copious amounts of black pitch stuff to make sure they are sealed once and for ever. Labored until I was unable to lift the hammer anymore. Somehow managed to get down the ladder, into the shower and fall into bed at six thirty. Yes, six thirty, PM. Set the alarm for eight thirty so I could get up to watch the NBA finals. Dallas won, again. I am happy.
Today; started back up on the roof at eight thirty in the morning; spent the day cutting roll roofing, slathering black pitch stuff, pounding in thousands of nails. My knee is killing me; I have a cramp in my left side that is just on the verge of erupting into one of those events that makes you scream, if you can breath. Hate chest muscle cramps.
When I was dangling over the edge of the roof doing some edge nailing, I shifted myself and sat on my right nut for the second time in a week. Gentlemen, you know the pain of which I speak. Ladies, you can't even imagine. Not pleasant. Finished up around five, took a shower, headed out for a sixpack of Peroni Italian Lager and a pack of smokes, both of which I've started making a dent in. Tomorrow is going to be hell. I'm too old for this shit. I really, really am.
I'm too tired to wander, someone will have to wander for me tonight. Thanks.
Fare the well, friends. Fare thee well.

what say you..?


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