lazy daze...

what did I do over the July 4th holiday? nothing. well, nothing of note. i was off on Friday, mowed the lawn, tidied up the gardens and got stuff ready for the family get together on Saturday. made the liquor and ice run on Saturday morning, moved the tables around outside, set up the extra chairs. ate good food, had a few drinks, enjoyed the company of family and friends. it was really windy, so a full on bonfire was out of the question, so i built a little one for the roasting of marshmallows and the making of S'mores. had no fireworks, so we watched the gazillion fireflies in the back woods. stayed up late after everyone left, enjoying the night. Sunday i went shopping and hit Barnes and Noble, bought three books; "The Taking", by Koontz; "New World Coming", by Nathan Miller and an un-abridged volume of "The Golden Bough", by Frazer. Plowed through Koontz on Sunday afternoon and evening. Not a bad read, interesting twist at the end. Monday and Tuesday, I put a three quarters dent in "New World Coming", a history of the 1920's with a keen eye for how our times were shaped by that era. mildly fascinating, i must say. i'll knock that off this week and after another insane DIY push on the bathroom, i'll start "The Golden Bough". also cultivated a wicked sunburn on my bleach white legs. i never learn. ever.
i hope you had some fun this weekend. thanks for taking the time to wander with me.
fare thee well.

wander with me...


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